I love working with people and finding out how to improve or even start up their businesses.
I work closely with all
my clients in order to create high-quality work that meets the objectives and to develop long-lasting relationships. I thought it might be useful to share my design process, to give an insight of how I typically work on projects.

1. Brief
The first step for every project, is to discuss the design brief. This helps me understand the business I am designing for, establish the project objectives, deliverables, deadlines and budget. If you don’t have one written up, don’t worry, as we can have a chat and put one together.

2. Research
After reviewing all the information from the brief, I’ll begin the research phase. This is an important part of the design process, as this will define the direction of the project. This generally comprises of researching into main competitors, target audience/sector and also putting together visuals and mood boards for inspiration.

3. Design
Once the design direction has been established, the concept stage can begin. Depending on the project I will come up with some concepts, and present these as sketches/rough visuals with notes. This gives a good idea of how the design will look and feel. Client feedback will follow.

4. Refine
The next stage is to refine and develop the concepts. This is where ideas start to come to life. This is when the format is considered, whether the design is print or digital, and also when any mockups or proofs will take place. The chosen routes will be worked up to a finished standard.

5. Delivery
Once you’re happy with the final designs and it’s been signed off, I’ll supply all final artwork files in the formats required, or supply them to the printers for you. Once we have launched your project, and seen it’s impact, there may be other opportunities to work together.

Throughout the project I like to have key deadlines for each stage, this keeps your project on time and on budget. Communication is key throughout the design process by both myself and the client, and I would welcome any feedback and questions you may have.
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